World Mission

  • India Mission Growth

    Growth in India Mission Attributed to Successful Web Presence

    Churches in India has experienced great growth in 2018, and Olivet Assembly of South Asia shared that a significant factor in the growth is due to the success web presence that the church has.

  • OANA

    North America Mission Sees Great Growth towards Pentecost Retreat

    OA North America staffs held its weekly mission conference with all regional missionaries, during which ministers were encouraged to continue their focus on diligent evangelism as the church calendar approaches the Pentecost retreats. Ministers reflected and discussed the strategies they are current employing for

  • A family of 4 were baptised together: the parents and two adult children

    Mission in South Asia Advances as Whole Families are Coming to Christ

    Evangelism steadily progresses in India as mission leaders witnessed whole families coming to Christ, which is a crucial development especially in the cultural context of South Asia.

  • OAAP Countries in the Region Share Pentecost Goals and Plans

    OAAP Countries in the Region Share Pentecost Goals and Plans

    Olivet Assembly of Asia Pacific says leaders from countries in the region received much grace and power through the recent regional Easter retreat. Each national Olivet Assembly aims to reach its mission goals until Pentecost, revealing great works of the Holy Spirit.

  • Easter Retreat in 2017

    North America Easter Retreat: Raising New Generation of Jesus Followers

    North America churches are entering its last few weeks until Easter 2018, towards this year's regional Easter Retreat themed: 'I am the Resurrection and the Life'. Churches from across the region will be participating, inviting many who seek to encounter Jesus Christ more deeply this Easter.

  • Lent 2018

    Marking the Beginning of Lent, a Time to Walk in Christ

    All World Olivet Assembly churches and members around the world will begin this period with sincere prayer and repentance toward God's mercy. They will embrace a period of self-giving that seeks for God to grant victory on the path of the cross together with Christ.

  • Zambia Revival Church

    Africa to Focus on Youth Movement, Provide Education to 5 Major Languages

    The continental HQ, located in Zambia, is working with a number of youth ministries to strengthen the youth leadership in the region. The plan includes holding a number of major conferences and training sessions throughout this year. Also discussed is to enhance Christian education in 5 major languages that dominates

  • Moscow Conference

    Moscow Hosts CIS Region Conference, Address 2018 Plans

    The leadership conference for Olivet Assembly in the Commonwealth of Independent States took place in Moscow, Russia from January 7-9. OA General office staffs, ministers and missionaries gathered from Russia, Ukraine and Estonia for the meeting, which focused on strengthening mission leaders in the region spiritually,

  • India Mission 18th Anniversary

    South Asia Churches Commemorate 18th Anniversary of Mission

    Churches in South Asia under Olivet Assembly of South Asia commemorated the 18th Anniversary of Mission on Sunday, holding special programmes marking the eventual years and recalling the faithfulness of God.

  • asia pacific

    Asia Pacific Annual Conference Focuses on Campus Mission and Raising Educators

    The annual Asia Pacific leadership conference held in Asia Pacific Olivet Center gathered national representatives from across the region at the last week of the 2017. The main focus of the conference sought to address evangelism of youth, and to raise strong educators who can teach the princples of faith and