Dover Plains, NY – Art Director – Dover Plains, NY – Art Director – Formulate concepts & supv. workers in executing layout designs for art work to be presented by visual communication media to churches & ministries; review illustrative materials & confer with church & ministry clients re budget, background info, objectives, presentation styles, techniques & related production factors; formulate basic layout design concept, & conduct research to select materials; conceive & assign production of materials & detail to artists & photographers; assign & direct staff to develop design concepts into art layout & prep layouts for printing; review, approve & present final layouts to church & ministry clients; understand background needed to art direct & design the Christian graphics needed & be able to train/supv. designers; know and use graphics software including Illustrator & Photoshop& Microsoft Office apps. like Outlook, Word & Powerpoint; 40 hrs./wk, M-F 9am-5pm, must have 4 years exp as Art Director;

email resume to Antony Chiu @ or mail to Antony Chiu, WOA, 115 Dover Furnace Rd., Dover Plains, NY 12522.

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    USA Northeast Summer Retreat 2019

    The Northeast Region Summer Retreat 2019 will be held in Dover, New York from August 2nd till 4th.

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    Olivet Teen Mission Int’l Summer Camp

    Int’l Summer Camp in Asia Pacific Olivet Center

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    OLI 2019 Commencement

    OLI 2019 commences on July 1st, 2019 and will continue for four weeks.


Paul’s attitude and philosophy of his mission work are clearly stated in this verse; he served and worked as “a servant of Christ.” A servant, doulos in Greek, was a term Paul used to indicate his self-identity as he served the Lord.
A voluntary life of devotion and sacrifice for God's Kingdom was a basis of every work he did. He confessed, "Though I am free and belong to no man, I make myself a slave to everyone...

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