Zambia Seeks Advancement of Youth Leadership at Local Church


Zambia Emmanuel Church held service last Sunday with aim toward advancing young leadership in the church. The youth leaders arrived 30 minutes earlier for service and prepared the prayer and worship for the service led by Pastor John. The church also collected offering to assist a cell leader who has recently a newborn in the family. 

During the service, Pastor Alick shared the sermon topic "Whom do you resemble?" He drew passages from Genesis 1:26-27 and Galatians 5:22-23. He used a quote from Dr. Bill Bright to outline the sermon theme: "Joy is love's strength; Peace is love's security; Patience is love's endurance; Kindness is love's conduct; Goodness is love's character; Faithfulness is love's confidence; Gentleness is love's humility; Self-control is love's victory."

A teen leader was elected to lead the children's bible study after the service. While lecturing on prayer, Jonathan was asked by one child a question: 'why we need to pray in Jesus name?' In response to the question, Jonathan taught them how Jesus is the only way for us to go to God, and the importance of Jesus' name to our faith.