North America Pentecost Events Reports Gracious Fellowship in the Holy Spirit


North American churches and regions held Pentecost events this past weekend. The Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest Regions all held regional events, gathering multiple churches together to hold a special night of prayer and praise. Many church ministers reported about the special grace they received during the sermons and prayer focused on receiving the Holy Spirit.

In the Southeast region Nashville and Atlanta joined together and also shared sermons and lectures over the weekend. Members from the Atlanta church served greatly through preparing the services. Some Atlanta members participated in leading the Bible studies and prayer. Pastor Victor from Houston also joined in the events. As the meeting drew to a close, members gathered together and spoke about the mission strategies for the coming months. 

The Midwest retreat in Chicago spent most of the time listening to the word and received great strength through the praise night that was organized. Regional ministers received a lot of spiritual strength, and enjoyed connecting with the Chicago church and the members. Minister Eugene in Chicago expressed the love and passion for the Olivet Center and offered a tour of the building. Pastor Brian shared about the St. Louis church situation and prayer topics. Ministers were thankful to gather and get to know the new members. 

The San Francisco Pentecost event held a 2 hour praise and prayer night. Everyone prayed together and one another, the unity that formed could be felt by everyone.

In Washington DC, the Pentecost gathering had many elderly members serving for the retreat. They served through cleaning, cooking, working for the children's program, and praise and prayer. Pastor Samuel reported that it was a time when all members got involved. Bible study students came from DC church and joined in the services. The regional ministers from Raleigh also joined and discussed about the mission field in North Carolina.

Please pray for the fruits of Pentecost to develop continually and to grow as members reflect on the Bible studies that they received. May the churches continue to revive during this time and focus on growing through prayer.