General Office

The General Office of the WOA is like the central nervous system of the global mission operation. It receives information from the regional assemblies, coming to know the overall situation of each country, then through prayer and discussion sets the direction for the global mission.

The General Office is made up of various departments that specialize in serving various aspects of mission, and is also made up of staffs recruited from each region who have years of experience in the local mission and can offer both insight and representation of their people group.

Department of Mission

Department of mission lays out the strategies of spreading the gospel and assists ministers with resources that helps them to further their local church reach. The department also conducts researches into methods of church growth and evangelism that could produce successful church plants. Statistics and monitors will be set up among mission fields worldwide to keep track of progress and identify areas that need improvement.

Department of Education

The department of education collects and provide vast amount of resources needed by churches to educate their congregation on the Bible. The department also seeks to identify the steps required to enhance faith, and equip ministers with the understanding to breakthrough cultural and spiritual barriers in order to deliver the gospel effectively in their field.

Department of Finance

The department of finance monitors the financial health of churches, and identifies possible means of generating monetary support to pioneer new mission fields or in case of crisis. The department also provides training to churches to maintain its financial health and establish the proper structure to expand its service by making prudent financial planning and strategies.

Department of Health

The department of health seeks to care for missionaries abroad who often find it difficult to care for their personal health in a foreign land. The department investigates into possible venues of medical support for missionary families and their children. The support given will help them to find stability for their healthcare during their line of work.

Department of Technology (Art & Design, IT)

The department of technology contains support in design and IT support for churches in their endeavor to preach the gospel in a new era. Websites and use of technology is paramount to spreading the message of the church today. A team that is technologically savvy allows churches to obtain the best weapons available in their evangelistic endeavors.

Department of General Affairs

The department of general affairs serves as the secretariat to the WOA office and conducts the works necessary to unite different departments, church networks, and ministry affairs. The department assists WOA to maintain proper relations with the general public and make official introductions to its mission.

Department of Media and Publications

The department of media and publication works to keep ministers worldwide updated with the latest developments and relay important announcements. The department networks the leaders across the world informed of activities happening internationally and unite the overall progression of mission.

Department of Music & Worship

The department of music and worship sets guidelines for churches to conduct services and worship in a proper fashion. The department provides training for new worship leaders and equips them with the knowledge to lead their congregation during service and procession.

Department of Family Affairs

Working in collaboration with Faith and Family Foundation, the department of family affairs seeks to care for members of the church with resources and counseling services on their family matters. The department opens the line of communication to assist families with their needs and enables them grow healthy, beautiful families in Christ.

Department of Business Management

Department of Business Management promotes relationships with donors by offering assistance with regard to gift acceptance, gift acknowledgment, donor recognition and reporting. The department assists assembly’s fundraising mission by coordinating special events, organizing the acknowledgment and recognition for donors and serving as a resource for development staff on matters of stewardship and recognition.

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We delude ourselves when we try to turn our just punishments into a cross and rejoice over that for which we should rather repent. 'For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently' But if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently, this is acceptable with God? (1 Peter 2:20). The cross is always in the way of righteousness. We feel the pain of the cross only when we suffer for Christ's sake by our own willing choice.

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