North America Easter Retreat: Raising New Generation of Jesus Followers

Easter Retreat in 2017

North America churches are entering its last few weeks until Easter 2018, towards this year's regional Easter Retreat themed: 'I am the Resurrection and the Life'. Churches from across the region will be participating, inviting many who seek to encounter Jesus Christ more deeply this Easter.

Taken from John 11:25, this year's theme will be encounter the resurrected Christ, and furthermore it is for those who believe that Jesus Christ raised from the dead to taste resurrection by joining in his suffering. Leading up to Easter, churches across the continent has been doing Lenten studies to grow in their understanding of what each person have received from Christ and the path of the cross that he walked.

In the design of the schedule, generous time has been allocated for reflection and sharing, with the purpose of guiding each person to reflect on what they have received from Christ, and also equally importantly how to walk following Christ in their daily lives, to experience cross and resurrection on a daily basis.

"Much prayer and efforts have been poured out to this year's Easter Retreat, where we believe that the Holy Spirit will bring revival as we set our eyes on Jesus, and seek to raise more disciples who will put their faith into action," said the spokesperson of the retreat committee. "Through reviving the attendants through this retreat, we believe there will be a great leap in growth in North America mission at once after Easter."