New Generation of Youth Leaders Emerging in Latin America

Latin youth

Latin America mission has seen God moving in the region through raising up a new generation of youth who has heart to take part in the work of God's Kingdom.

Within the first month of 2018, churches in Bolivia, Mexico, Guyana and Argentina have come to see young people passionately getting involved in both church and parachurch activities, participating in music ministry, teen ministry, campus ministry and local churches.

One hopeful story is a 16-year-old young man in Georgetown, Guyana who has a heart to minister to other teens who needs the gospel. With guidance from OTM International, the teenager prepared Bible messages and shared the Word with 11 other teens whom he invited for the Bible study.

"The youth are our future, and to see them emerging means there is great hope for the future of our churches," said a key mission staff in OA Latin America. "True mission success is measured by indigenous leaders who rise up to spread the Good News to their own people. By the grace of God, that what we are witnessing in our churches this year!"

OA Latin America is off to a good start in the year in reach out the the youth, empowering them with the truth and raising them up in love. May God continue to bless this good work.